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SWOT Analysis: Acknowledging Your Weaknesses

Date October 20, 2008

Last week I talked about strengths, following up from my post on SWOT Analysis:  Simple Tool to Improve Your Business.  If you missed one of these previous posts it may be best to go back and review them in order. SWOT Analysis:  Simple Tool to Improve Your Business SWOT Analysis: Defining Your Strengths Today I [...]

Changing One Family’s Poverty: You Make the Difference!

Date October 15, 2008

This post is my contribution to Blog Action Day, joining thousands of other bloggers to write about one topic for a single day. This year’s topic is poverty. I remember three years ago driving into Mexico for my first Corazon project. I was a member of Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary and we were going into one of [...]

Are You A Multitasking Follow Up Extremist?

Date October 7, 2008

In an effort to follow up with new contacts and customer requests I often find myself multitasking, I am sure you can relate! Managing multiple projects and tasks is not new to me by any means. As a Sales Professional either in a corporate environment or as a business owner multitasking becomes an art! I [...]

Successful Networking: Mastering YOUR 60 Second Commercial

Date October 3, 2008

Yesterday I visited a Business Networking International (BNI) group in Del Mar. BNI is a group of business professionals who meet weekly to exchange business referrals. I was asked to come and fill in for one of their members Rick Itzkowich owner of Productive Learning and Leisure and writer for the Xtraordinary Living Blog. BNI [...]

Twitter: Engaging Participants at Your Next Workshop or Seminar

Date September 26, 2008

I am relatively new to Twitter having just set up my account a few months ago. I started using it in conjunction with my Facebook account for status updates. I remember thinking what could I possibly do with a micro blog where I can only post 140 characters? It seemed like I was using two [...]