7 Steps to Follow Up Success

I do more networking than the average business or professional. I typically attend three or more different networking events every week. I meet all types of business professionals, owners, and sales people. And guess what makes me stand out from all the other people networking… I follow up with every single person. Here is my follow up process:

1) When you get back to your office, or within 24 hours send an email to each person you met. Keep it simple and not a sales pitch.

2) Mail each person a “nice to meet you” greeting card within 24 hours.

3) Within one week call each new contact to set up a meeting to learn more about their business and how you might help each other.

(The meeting can be in person or on the phone. The idea is for each of you to learn more about each other. 15 to 30 minutes for each person to talk is more than enough time.  Make sure to add this contact into your social media platforms you use like LinkedIn or Facebook )

4) On the second week, contact the person again with a call and email if you have still not connected.

5) Mail a thank you card after the meeting within 24 hours.

6) I make it a point, after meeting with a new contact, to give them a referral within 30 days. Ideally this happens but not always.

7) Make contact again 30 days after your meeting. Remember you are building a relationship with this person that can last for years.

The key is to have a set follow up system in place for each networking event prepared in advance. In the near future I will be discussing these steps in more detail. Keep in mind whether you attend one networking event a day, or one every two months, follow these simple steps and your networking results will improve dramatically. A great place to learn more about all of the different types of networking is the National Networker blog. You will find a never ending amount of resources and information.

6 thoughts on “7 Steps to Follow Up Success”

  1. Alan, once again right on the money! I use this same system that I learned from you and it works like a charm. Love your idea of the 30 day followup. Something I need to do more often. Great job!

  2. Alan,

    I’ve found more success in my business simply by following up than any other single thing I do. I was the WORST at follow up until I learned the secret that you’ve hit on…so few people do it! Using a great system and making it priority, I’ve made myself outshine my competitors time and time again. This is a great post outlining a simple system!

  3. When I first got into networking I could hardly believe that most people don’t follow up. But it’s true! This is an awesome approach.

  4. Mr. Underkofler, thanks for a good posting. I just have a question and for a college student who attended a networking event and received business cards from distinguished persons like CEO, president or chairman of whatever it might be, would it still be adequate to ask for follow-up meeting with them? I don’t even know if I can attempt a phone call. what is your opinion on this?

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