A Simple Step to Start Receiving Business from LinkedIn!

When I ask a new contact if they are on LinkedIn the common response I hear is yes I am but I have no idea how to use itLinkedIn is a great Social Network for business but for many people they just don’t understand what it can do for them or have any plan in place to really engage the people they are connected to.  So today I decided to talk about how I handle new contacts on LinkedIn.

For me of course it all comes down to follow up!  Follow up is the key to really get things moving on LinkedIn!  So what do I mean my follow up?

This week I set aside some time to go through my LinkedIn invites.  In the end I accepted invitations from about 100 pending connections.  After viewing each connection request I sent a simple email to each new LinkedIn connection asking them for a 20 minute meeting with the goal of learning more about them and to explore how we might be able to help each other.

Here is the email I send out:
Hi Shane!
Thank you for connecting on LinkedIn! Let’s set up a 20 minute meeting to learn more about each other and our businesses.  The goal would be to explore how we might help each other.
How does your schedule look for next week?
Alan Underkofler

My expectation is to have about 20 people accept my offer to talk on the phone and explore how we might help each other.  Taking this one follow up step with each new LinkedIn connection allows you to start a relationship which leads to new business and referrals.

So there you have it, a very simple step to start the conversation with your LinkedIn connections.  So tell me…  What do you do to maximize your connections on LinkedIn?

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8 thoughts on “A Simple Step to Start Receiving Business from LinkedIn!”

  1. Alan, I am not surprised to see another top notch post here about LinkedIn. I have been meaning to dive more deeply into the functionality of Linked In and it is so great to see you have done some of the key leg work for me! Thank you so much! I look forward to more quality posts from you about how to best leverage linked in for generating new busness.
    Amy Miaymoto (On twitter @LotusAmy)

  2. Thanks Alan, this was such a great post, that I sent the link to more people. This post helped me to connect to you, in turn getting some great advice. I look forward to reading more.

    Bonnie Sprung (on twitter @bonniesprung)

  3. Great advice, Alan. It’s a great tip for re-connecting with contacts on LinkedIn as well. After reading this, I’m inspired to reach out to my LinkedIn connections that I haven’t heard from in a while with the same offer of a 20 minute phone meeting to see what’s changed in their business, and how we can help each other.

  4. Good stuff Alan…as a member of Linkedin, I am guilty in lack of socialising! Never seems to be enough time these days, but you make strong points which I intend to share with other business-minded networkers. Cheers!

  5. Great ideas on leveraging LinkedIn, Alan. I think a much needed follow-up to this would focus on tips to cultivate and activate your network on an ongoing basis. A lot of people seem to think getting on LinkedIn and establishing a network is the hurdle, but the key is that social media represents a paradigm shift in communication in general! Users that are intentional about establishing rapport within their network (especially when they don’t need anything) gives contacts a sense of who you are and makes them even more likely to go above and beyond in those instances that an introduction or referral is requested. Getting to this point requires strategy and an ongoing investment of time. Thanks as always for your insights Alan – you’re definitely a LinkedIn guru and someone I’d like to model in social media strategy.

  6. Great advice. I’m going to try this. But my question also is can you also do this with people that YOU send invites, too, or is it only for people that you accept invites from. And finally, I would like a followup article as well on what’s the best way to use your connection’s connections?

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