Are you a Gary Vaynerchuk?

Have you ever met someone who is filled with passion and enthusiasm?  Passionate about their company, passionate about their job, passionate about their relationship,  or possibly passionate about their cause…  I mean real passion!  So much passion and enthusiasm you might think it’s too much!  This reminds me of one of the people I followed up with from LinkedIn this week.  Lisa Marshall a communication specialist, speaker, and at one time accused of being too passionate!  Lisa’s thoughts on this… “It is impossible to be too passionate”!  I have to agree with her!  Have you ever seen or heard Gary Vaynerchuk speak?  Did you have the thought “I wish I was as passionate as Gary Vaynerchuk”?  View a portion of this video with Gary Vaynerchuk speaking at Web 2.0 Expo this year.

Do you see the passion coming from Gary?  Do you feel his enthusiasm for what he is doing?  Are you thinking to yourself “I wish I was this passionate about something”?  The thought in your mind should not be I wish I was… It should be why not?  Why not live with the same passion and enthusiasm that Gary does?  What is stopping you from doing this?  The difference between living and believing with passion versus not is so dramatic!  People who have passion and enthusiasm are like magnets.  People want to be around passionate people!

Many times I have been told to tone down my passion and enthusiasm…  I admit at times I have thought this was some kind of flaw and for years I would always keep myself in check.  Now I realize this is one of my biggest assets.  I love to get behind something I truly believe in with passion.  Lots of passion!  You can be passionate about your job, company, product, spouse, or your favorite cause.  Find something in your life to be passionate about and then share with those around you.

So my last thought to you is if you have ever thought “I wish I could be as passionate as (fill in the blank), why not start now…  Passion is something you can turn on and turn off..  Passion is a love for what you are doing or what you believe in.  Passion is the one thing that will push you forward and keep you going, passion insures you reach your end goal.  Passion is one of the elements of those who achieve greatness and those who do not.  Passion is in you…  It’s in all of us…  We just need to recognize it, feel it, and let it run through us.

13 thoughts on “Are you a Gary Vaynerchuk?”

  1. Passion is that X-Factor. I think of passion as a natural Happy Pill! When you have passion in your life you wake up excited about your day. You make the right decisions. You get more done in less time. Things flow for you. If you can improve your passion, you will improve the attitude of everyone around you. People will believe in you, trust in you, and want to support you.

    A very nice post! Thank You,
    Giovanna Garcia

  2. Excellent post. I love the idea that passion can be turned on and off. It’s so easy to let self-editing and insecurity turn it off.

    But putting yourself out there is how you discover your gifts and you will be wrong sometimes. But without passion no one will ever know.

    Here’s to a passionate new year!!

  3. What a great post and amazing video you shared Alan! THANK YOU!!

    I feel Gary’s passion spells magnetism!! People are naturally drawn to dynamic people. And that’s why i think some ppl are good in what they do.

    I love blogging, writing, copywriting, twittering (socialising), video-editing. This is what I love. And this is my passion! Even if it hasn’t brought me a lot of money. Just following my heart I am happy!

    I have always told my friends the same thing WHY BE IN A JOB YOU HATE? If you love your job you are going to be more competitive, and your “job” will also feel lesser of a job. You either love your job or you leave it for another you really love.

    I love the last part of the video – you want bling bling the only way to do it is to WORK!!! Yes, everyone has time to build their social network!! So feel free to connect with me on Twitter!

  4. Alan, You rock! Great video, great message! I felt my energy going up just reading your post. If you are passionate about something you should show it. Gary Vaynerchuk was a little wacky but you can’t help liking him because you know he is sincere. There is a great lesson in there somewhere. Go take on the world dude.

  5. Very inspiring. Like ‘do what you love and the money will follow,’ except even if the money doesn’t follow, you are still doing what you love. Some things are more important than money.

  6. I needed this article. Too bad I couldn’t watch the video. It says no more available. You fired me up, thank you

  7. I too have been accused of being too passionate!! That it’s because I’m Irish ( apparently all Irish are passionate, mmmmmm!!!)

    I dont believe it is possible to be too passionate…… makes things happen as far as I’m concerned. It has made me successful in all aspects of my life.
    When you are passionate about what you do, it shows to , it inspires others, it makes things happen!
    When you are passionate about what you want from life, believe in your abilities and believe in yourself anything is possible!!!!
    “Passion is in you… It’s in all of us… We just need to recognize it, feel it, and let it run through us.” – I could not agree more!!!

  8. He’s great and full of life. His passion is real and alive, the way to live life. He hit it right on the head. Alot of people get lost in their own lives and can’t find the way out; take it from me, just follow the light. Once you begin to start living this way, it becomes addictive, very addictive and you never can go back to the old you.

  9. Gary VAinerchuk is a hyperactive joke. Success? If you call being a workaholic crazy man a success, then fine. I prefer a balanced peaceful life. No thanks Gary. YOu can keep your type A work 24 7 to yourself. And to all his fans, you can be like Gary too. Are you passionate about working 100 hours a week and giving up all else?

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