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Tradeshows Like Blog World Expo Create Connection Explosions

Date September 23, 2008

I just attended The Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. My expectations were very mixed. I really had no idea what I was getting into. My goal was to meet new people, successful bloggers, and to learn how to make Follow Up Success the go-to resource for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals. The Expo […]

I Threw Away All the Business Cards on my Desk: Now What?

Date September 19, 2008

I had a few people who made the comment, “OK, I have thrown all the business cards away that were on my desk, now what do I do?” or “Now that all my cards are in the trash, where do I get more leads?” Another comment came from an associate of mine, “I did what […]

Why are you collecting business cards on your desk?

Date September 15, 2008

Today I was sitting at my desk scouring the internet looking for the allusive driver for my laptop which I had just wiped and reloaded with Windows XP.  Between what seemed to be hundreds of downloads trying one driver after another I was frightened by a small stack of business cards which seemed to be accumulating […]

Please… Stop Going to Networking Events!

Date September 10, 2008

Last week I spent a day making my fourth contact with people I met at a networking event the previous month. It was a great event filled with what seemed to be highly motivated professionals who truly wanted to grow their business and referrals. The strange thing is 90% of the people have yet to […]

Making New Contacts: 1 contact or 250?

Date September 8, 2008

Yesterday I talked about the value of networking and how it can be so much more than just business, contacts, and referrals. Each day you are given the opportunity to meet and connect with new people. Last night as my friend and I walked into his surprise 50th birthday party I had a great feeling. […]

Networking: New Clients, Prospects, Referrals, and Lifelong Friends

Date September 7, 2008

Friday night I spent some time at a good friend’s house. My friend is turning 50 today and I have been tasked with keeping him out of the house while his wife gets things ready for a small gathering of friends. Still not sure what I am going to do for three hours but I […]

Labor Day: Family, Friends, Food, Networking?

Date September 1, 2008

At some point today most people in the United States will be hosting or heading off to some type of social event for the holiday. It’s a great opportunity to see family, friends, and meet potential new customers. Don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting you should consider your friends party as a business […]

The Thank You Card: Personal Nicety, Business Necessity? or Both?

Date August 23, 2008

Can closing YOUR next million dollar deal really be as easy as sending a thank you card? I was really going back on fourth on today’s post. I kept thinking I just posted about following up with greeting cards last week. This step is so important that I had to write about it. You just […]

“THE MEETING” What to say and is it worth it?

Date August 19, 2008

So you have set a meeting for an upcoming future date! Now what? I have these types of meetings almost every day. I have found the best agenda for this meeting is similar to an interview process. Here is my basic agenda for these meetings: Review your notes on the new contact and their website […]

Follow Up with a Greeting Card!

Date August 13, 2008

This should seem obvious but to be quite honest I am shocked at how few follow up greeting cards or hand written notes I receive. Many of our great leaders, top businesses owners, and world renowned sales trainers talk about the hand written note or greeting card. Keith Ferrazzi talks about the power of following […]