Creating Great Follow Up With Your Clients in 7 Simple Steps

Date April 28, 2009

Today I was listening to a great podcast by Dr. Ivan Misner the founder of BNI on Networking Now about following up with your clients and creating touch points. Dr. Misner offered 6 steps in creating touch points with your prospects and customers. After listening to the pod cast I ended up with seven steps!

Step One – Spread out your contacts! Many people do great follow up in the first few months of making the sale and then the follow up seems to drop off. Maintaining consistent follow up or touch points through phone conversations, live appointments, email, newsletters, and greeting cards should be the goal.

Step Two – Train your clients to expect to hear from you. Be consistent! If it makes since for your business or product to meet with them once per quarter than make sure you always meet with them once per quarter. Your clients will begin to plan on hearing from you and will make time to see you.

Step Three – Make each contact lead to the next contact. Let your customer know when they will hear from you again. If you are meeting every quarter, ideally you would schedule the next quarterly meeting before leaving. If you need to follow up with additional information make sure to let them know when they can expect from you.

Step Four – Assume responsibility to make contact. As the sales person or business owner it is your responsibility to maintain the relationship. Remember customers who don’t feel appreciated or feel they are not being taken care of will naturally start looking for someone else. Keeping consistent contact and taking responsibility for the relationship will help your to maintain your customers for life!

Step Five – Invite customers to networking events. If you have found a great networking event make sure to invite a few of your customers for the next one. Invite them to your BNI group or a local chamber of commerce. If you are in Rotary or Kiwanis invite them to your next meeting. Seeing your customers every week or every month at a service organization or networking event will help you create a stronger relationship. Not to mention if you have found new clients at these groups your customers may as well.

Step Six – Create a plan and stick to it. If you are consistently following up with your customers your customers will naturally start contacting you. The key is to not break your consistency. When your clients contact your don’t restart the clock or change your pattern. Stay on your same touch point schedule and this will just encourage more interaction.

Step Seven – Once you have your plan implement a system to make this easy. For each element of your follow up or touch points do whatever you can to put this into a system. Systems mean automatic! Automatically your news letter will go out every month. Automatically your outlook calendar or reminder will pop up. By having a system you guarantee consistency in your actions.

It’s important to remember following up with prospects is a must but having consistent follow up or touch points with your customers is equally as important. The goal for this follow up or touch point system is not to sell. The goal is to create conversations. The conversation might be:

  • How can I help you?
  • Are you satisfied with our product or service?
  • I was thinking about your business today and thought of a few additional ideas for you.
  • How can I make this service work better for you?

Through conversations you will create stronger relationships. Through these relationships you will receive more businesses and the best part is you will receive referrals!

Are you using a system now? Please leave a comment and tell us what are you using in your business for follow up and touch points!

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10 Responses to “Creating Great Follow Up With Your Clients in 7 Simple Steps”

  1. MLDina said:

    Some of the key aspects of great customer service highlighted here. Too many sales roles ask ‘what can I do?’ instead of ‘what can I do better/for you?’. Persistence and consistency are also key. Thanks for the post!

  2. Julie Frans said:

    Thank you Alan, great article! I need to put a system together, I know! I feel like we “touch” our clients throughout the year, but perhaps not enough, and not consistently. I am always surprised at how many new clients we get because they simply can’t remember the company they used in the past… even though they liked them! I don’t want to be that company that gets forgotten. Thank you for your stimulus to make a system!

  3. Promotional Products said:

    Awesome tips, I wish I would have heard that pod cast. I would agree that maintaining contact with clients is very important to customer retention. I really like step four about assuming responsibility, this is a great point because too many times we just assume the client will call back, but I’ve noticed it takes at least three different contacts (email/call) before a prospective client will respond.

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  6. Imran said:

    Thank you for this great article. You have some interesting points in your article. Thank you

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  8. Abdulkadir said:

    first thanks to you all, i really liked and benefited from all your suggests and great experiences. indeed, i dont work for profit compnay but with non profit organization and humanitarian as well. so that, i have faced problem in how to make criterias and fallow up system of selecting trainees for new training for the project is totall new. i have read your articles and the steps for how to put strategies of falow up and monitoring system for the trainees during the process and after it is finished to make sure whether the training was understood and then delivered to the community.

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  10. Hjemmeside Design said:

    Very useful for both my own company (Webdesign) and for my clients.
    Sales don’t come from professional design alone, and I try to teach my clients to the best of my abillity. My clients are danish so I hope it’s ok that I translate it for them.
    Thank you for the step-by-step 🙂

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