Follow Up Success?

I have been thinking about this first entry everyday for the last two weeks. I have written it perfectly at least five times yet not one of them seemed quite right. I have felt that this was the one entry to set the entire tone for Follow Up Success. So this morning as I was anguishing over what I was going to open this blog with I had the opportunity to talk to my friend Angie Swartz who has a great new blog called Six Figure Moms Club. Angie challenged me to really look at the why behind this blog. It reminded me of why I am so passionate about business and where that passion all started.

At the young age of 10 I had my first success in business through a great program called Town. Town was a hands-on type learning experience with all the kids in our school grade. We created businesses, figured out how to make them profitable, and at the end enjoyed a great shopping spree with our earnings. This one experience has had the largest impact on my sales and business career. I have literally thought about Town at some point in every position I have held, every company I have started, and every success I have had.

I have chosen this platform and subject because as business owners and sales professionals great follow up is a huge part of our success. My goal for Follow Up Success is to have it become the source for new and fresh ideas. If you have a great follow strategy let me know so we can discuss it. If you enjoy one of the topics or have experience with one of the ideas make a comment so we can all benefit! I am looking forward to sharing the many ideas to come!

4 thoughts on “Follow Up Success?”

  1. Alan, I am so excited for you and hope you and I are on the same journey for years to come. I am very grateful you are in my life and I respect you more than you know. Now let’s rock this thing! Case

  2. Hey Alan, So proud that you launched your blog and honored that you would mention Six Figure Moms Club. I look forward to reading your future musings and polishing my follow up skills from what I learn from you. Welcome to the world of blogging. Hold on as your journey has begun. A great coach told me, “Internet marketing and blogging is like riding an elephant through the jungle. Hold on and enjoy the ride. You’ll never get everything right but you sure will have fun.” I can attest this has been so true for me. I know it will be for you too. Enjoy!

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