For a Small Business Positive Perspective is Everything

In response to my post last week: SWOT Analysis:  Exploring Your Opportunities, here’s a great example of a friend who is seizing an opportunity in the current marketplace:

Jay Riordan, President of Dream Design Builders and I were talking about how great his company is doing while many of his competitors were closing down or downsizing dramatically.  Dream Design Builders is one of the top remodeling and home building companies in San Diego, winning multiple design and customer service awards including the San Diego Better Business Bureau Torch Award .  Jay and I were discussing the unusual problem of whether he should aggressively expand his business.  The challenge was growing too fast as well as where to find good employees to handle the expansion.  So where is Jay’s opportunity you may be asking?  Because Jay is like me and absolutely refuses to participate in the negative economy, his business is growing while his competitors are closing or downsizing.  Now is the PERFECT time for Jay to expand as he will have a pool of very talented potential employees from his competitors closing and downsizing.  This is the perfect example of looking at the opportunities right in front of you based on the current trends in your marketplace.

It’s easy to buy into the negativity of the media but its your choice whether you seize the opportunity around you or allow the media to paralyze you.

3 thoughts on “For a Small Business Positive Perspective is Everything”

  1. Alan,
    Thanks for sharing our conversation. It’s nice to know that people have resources like you to find positive things to focus on. Keep up the good work and talk to you soon.

  2. Like Jay and Alan, we at the MarketBuilding Team also refuse to buy into the negativity in the press. We continue growing, and recognize that those who market during slow times are perfectly positioned to really take off once the world at-large realizes things aren’t as bad as they may think.

    These guys have the right idea. If you think things will be better tomorrow, and work towards that goal, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  3. In the Chinese language, the symbol for Crisis is also the one for Opportunity. There are both available. It is a matter of focus and choice. Focus on finding the opportunity and choose to capitalize on it. I for one am looking at Social Networking as a huge opportunity to grow my business. So I’m focusing more on ways to make that work for us. There are challenges out there – that’s for sure. However there are also plenty of opportunities.

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