Savoring the Investment IN a Relationship

This morning I was up very early and decided I wanted a cup of coffee. My first thought was to take a quick shower, grab my laptop, and head over to my local Starbucks. As I was getting out of bed I realized I wanted something different… I really just wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee outside in the cool morning air. Some of you reading this may know I am a goal oriented, multi tasking, crazy scheduled, always going in multiple directions type of person so getting ready and starting my day running is pretty normal for me.

Something about this morning, at this moment was a bit different… I was looking for a different approach or a different experience this morning. It hit me… where is that French Press that I used to love making coffee with? As I entered my kitchen in search for my lost press I started to remember why I love it! Boiling the water, grinding the coffee, pouring the hot water over the coffee, letting it sit for a few minutes, finally pressing the plunger down to pour my perfect cup of coffee. Sitting outside I realized why I love this process so much.

So what the heck does this have to do with followup and why would I post my morning coffee experience here? Well as I was sipping my coffee listening to the morning sounds I realized how the process of my morning cup of coffee is very similar to the process of followup. It’s not always about the quick cup of coffee or the quick meeting of a new prospect. It’s about the process! When I take the time to really get to know a person, learning about them and their business, I get to enjoy the result.

Following up and building relationships is just like making the perfect cup of coffee. When we take the time and go through the entire process we can enjoy the result.

Tomorrow is the start to a brand new week. I might just start with another perfect cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Savoring the Investment IN a Relationship”

  1. I HEAR YOU! Oh my gosh how I savor my morning cup of coffee without interruptions on my back porch with the waterfall running! And you are right the french press in the only way to go! I travel with my French Press!!! You captured the real reason why follow up is so important. IT IS A PROCESS, and a process that can enrich our lives if we take the time to slow down and enjoy it. Thank you Alan!

  2. This is a great tip! I have wanted a French Press forever and now I have no excuse not to go buy one. Interesting thought…..Maybe the fact I have not bought the press could have another metaphor for my business. Sometimes changing up the process/morning may allow for new ideas. Thanks Alan

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