LinkedIn: Great Follow Up Tool or Complete Waste of Time?

One simple question I ask every new contact at some point during our first meeting…  So are you on LinkedIn?  The answer to this question can be very surprising!  I have heard everything from “No, Yes, What is LinkedIn?, LinkedIn?  What a complete waste of time!, I think I am on LinkedIn, I get invites but just ignore them, or I am on LinkedIn but don’t know how to use it.”

So is LinkedIn one of the most powerful sales and follow up tools available or is it just a complete waste of time?  I know for myself LinkedIn has proven to be a very powerful tool for connecting to new prospects, passing referrals, and keeping top of mind with clients and prospects.

The opportunities on LinkedIn are extensive!  In fact I just wrote a post on Square Martini Media titled 7 Top Reasons LinkedIn is a Must Have for Your Business.  This is a must read article to learn why you should be using LinkedIn!

So what are you waiting for?  Set up a LinkedIn account or find your password and get ready to learn some simple ideas to help you attract more clients and increase your sales using LinkedIn!  Over the next few weeks I will going over the 7 Top Reasons LinkedIn is a Must Have for Your Business.  When you find that password or set up your new account make sure to invite me to your network!

3 thoughts on “LinkedIn: Great Follow Up Tool or Complete Waste of Time?”

  1. I use LinkedIn, it’s in my top 5 Social Media tools. I like to catch up on the group discussions. I think it is the way of the future for hiring and resume writing.

  2. I didn’t stay long enough in to get a good feel of the community.

    The first few ppl in there made me feel stupid. haha I couldn’t get any feedback about the video linking technology in Youtube (where users can link any part of their videos with anecdotes and links). I felt as if I was trying to talk to Russians.

    Another came to my blog and asked me to explain what a blog is!! lol

    I stayed only 5 days in LINKEDin, after answering other ppl’s questions (trying to be of some help) and not getting any response. I guess I thrive better in an environment that’s faster in pace. So now I am in @qutequte

    If LinkedIN worked for you, that’s good. There would be no reason not to be in a community you feel you belong.

  3. The challenge for most people is that they try to make a judgment about how useful LinkedIn before accomplishing the basics – in particular, building a “trusted” reasonably sized 1st degree network – should be at least 50 and better 100. At that point, if you have a 100% filled out profile and have tweaked your Accounts & Settings so that you match your interaction with LinkedIn to suit the way you work, you should yield tremendous benefits from LinkedIn as a framework to do what you should be doing anyway. Leveraging your business network. See my blog for LinkedIn tips from time to time – I also run webinars on LinkedIn.

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