Networking Basics: I don’t Wear a Name Badge! Everyone Knows Me!

I definitely have to admit I have fallen into this trap many times!  It does happen, you go to a Chamber Mixer or a Rotary meeting every week and feel like you know everyone and everyone knows you…  While this may or may not be true you still must where a name badge!

The bottom line is while everyone may know or recognize you, it is very possible they do not remember your name.  For this reason alone people may avoid you rather than face the embarrassment of not knowing your name.  Of course most groups have a flow of visitors consistently attending to check out the group.  As a member of any group you want these visitors to feel welcomed!  Name badges make it easy for visitors to interact with members.  Name badges help create a great experience for the visitor.  A visitor who has a great experience visiting a new group is more likely to join when you follow up with them!

My last thoughts on name badges are where to put them.  I mean does it really matter where you place your name badge or is it good enough just to have one?  While thinking about this I am remembering all the people I have met with name badges placed on a shirt which is great except they were wearing a jacket which completely covered the badge.  I have no great study which proves one area is better than another.  I do know when I go to shake a hand of a friend or someone I have just met I reach out with my right hand.  Because of this I always wear my name badge on the right side of my shirt so when I reach out to the other person they can clearly see my name badge. This allows the person to easily use my name in conversation and actually makes them more comfortable around me.

If you really want to meet more people consider wearing your name badge everywhere you go!  Realtors and Mortgage brokers seem to do this a lot.  What about you?  Can you be the guy who wears a name tag everywhere?

I know this is pretty simple information and to some of you maybe too obvious.  The bottom line is wearing a name badge to every event is great business networking habit which we all must have to insure our business networking success!

9 thoughts on “Networking Basics: I don’t Wear a Name Badge! Everyone Knows Me!”

  1. I’m a big fan of name badges, as I often remember faces better than names. They also work as a great reinforcement tool. As Alan mentions above, seeing the name during your introduction and handshake is beneficial and helps foster conversation.

    But I still remember the time I wore a silk shirt and leather jacket to an outdoor networking event. The fine print on the label said, “Do not apply to silk or leather.” WTF

  2. I love name badges… after a LLOOONNNGGGG day it is nice to look down and know who I am, then I can google myself and find out where to drive home to! Seriously, I love name badges to give others I’ve previously met a heads up as to how they know me. Better chance of making connections when others feel comfortable. As for me, I love when others print their names neatly and in large font!

  3. I completley relate Global Patriot! In the past I have had a hard time remembering names! I am not perfect yet but it’s getting better!

    Sugar Jones! You have to wear a badge with a name like that!

    Too funny Carrie! I always have someone else write my name so people can read it!

    Don’t you love it when light bulbs go off Laura? Glad the post helped!

    Thank you for commenting!!!

  4. That is most likely the very best article that ever cross my reference. I don’t see why anyone should disagree. It could be too easy #for them# to comprehend…anyway nice work i am coming back right here for Extra Nice Stuff!!

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