Reasons and Excuses to Insure Your Business Fails

Last year at I woke up at 4am with my phone ringing and a slight sound of sirens in the background.  My house was smoky and as I ran into the living room ash was flying inside my house through the skylights.  This was the morning of the 2007 San Diego fires.  At the same time thousands of my neighbors were evacuating from their homes in Rancho Bernardo.  This is a day I will never forget!    One of these neighbors was my friend Jay I mentioned earlier this week.

So why am I bringing up the San Diego fires today?   In my last post I used my friend Jay Riordan as an example of a business having a positive perspective in the current marketplace.  Today I thought I would share with you another part of the story.  Jay’s business, Dream Design Builders is doing really well, at the same time Jay’s competitors are downsizing and closing.  Jay’s positive perspective in the current marketplace is incredible but maybe you are thinking to yourself “I am different” or “this is great for Jay but I have had this happen or that happen this year”.

Jay Riordan, Holding a charred photo rescued from the ashes
Jay Riordan, Holding a charred photo rescued from the ashes

So here is the rest of the story…  After the fires went through Rancho Bernardo my neighbors and I started finding ways back to our homes.  I was one of the lucky ones…  My home was standing with no damage, my friend Jay was not so fortunate…  When Jay was able to get near his street he was seeing smoldering homes everywhere including his own home.

The reason why I mention this is for you to think about your reasons or excuses you might be using right now.  Jay had every reason to buy into the negativity of the media.  Jay could have been fully consumed by the emotions of his recent losses.  Jay could have placed all of his attention on rebuilding his home and letting his business suffer.  All of these reasons would have been completely justified!

Next time you think about the reason why you are not succeeding or why your business is not growing at the rate you would like, think about the reasons you are using to justify your story.  Think about the possibility of just changing your thinking.

Think about my friend Jay, who chose to package the emotional charge around losing his home to a fire, into an amazing energy focused on building an even more beautiful home and a thriving business.  Isn’t that better than anything even small bit of negativity might bring you?  The power of how you handle negativity in your life is truly yours.

3 thoughts on “Reasons and Excuses to Insure Your Business Fails”

  1. What your friend has is an appetite for success. You have to be hungry… starving even. If you find yourself at that point then nothing will ever get in your way. The world is filled with rules only to slow the pace of the masses. They are a test to find those who are eager to get to the top. Your friend’s loss was probably seen as just another challenge to be conquered. I completely admire people like that.

  2. Jay is showing leadership and unfortunately it is a rare quality nowadays. Most people are like lemmings. They take the path of least resistance. They opt for what is easy and convenient rather than what’s challenging and necessary. Life will test us.S–t happens! However if we refuse to surrender to circumstances then it won’t matter what life throws at us. We will always find a way out.

  3. All the power is from within and therefore under our control! People have a choice of how they feel by overcoming wrong thinking. Obviously having good feelings is best opposed to bad feelings. Feelings of having success now versus maybe having success , or someday having that success is the winner of thoughts.

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