Today is a GREAT day for Follow Up

Yesterday I was thinking about all the different long holiday weekends from the past.  Often times I would dread going back to the office after a long holiday or I would have a hard time getting back into the habits of production.  Holidays are very different for me now!  Many people think I am always working but the reality is I really enjoy what I do.  So coming back to work for me is just doing what I love.  For those of you that are not in love with what you are doing here is a simple way to get back into work mode:

Take today and focus on follow up.  Reach out to your customers and prospects and ask the question “How was your Thanksgiving?” and then follow up with “What can I do to help you this week?”.

The reason why I bring this up is today is a great day to follow up with new and old customers as well as all those people in your pipeline.  After completing this post the majority of my day will be spent on follow up.  The reason I enjoy doing this after holidays is it allows me to ask the question “how was your Thanksgiving?”.  This simple question starts the conversation on a personal tone and allows me to create a bridge from a business conversation to a more personal conversation.

The rewards from creating personal relationships with your clients and prospects are enormous and this week is another opportunity for you to further these relationships!

If you choose to use today for follow up please let me know how did!  Simply leave a comment and share your experience with me and your fellow readers!