Follow Up Tools: Creating A Simple Newsletter Opt In Form For Your Website

There should be no question in your mind that email is a powerful follow up tool for your business and should be included in your follow up strategy.  Creating a list of customers, prospects, and referral sources who have asked you to market to them with email by requesting to be on your newsletter or specials list is brilliant!  In fact why not take a moment to subscribe to my Follow Up Success Newsletter now!

With your email list you have the ability to:

  • Follow up with past customers
  • Announce new product releases
  • Educate past and current customers
  • Continue to market additional products and services
  • Share success stories with your product or service
  • Maintain top of mind awareness
  • Create additional referral opportunities

Now is the time to start creating a list for your business.  There are many options available when deciding which email service to use for your list.  I use and recommend both AWeber and iContact with my websites.  These are two great companies to use and are pretty similar.  Look into each of them and decide which one will work best for you or opt into the form below and learn more about how AWeber might work for your business:

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AWeber just made it really easy to create great looking newsletter opt in forms for your website or blog!  Released just in the past few weeks you can now go to your AWeber account and create a new form using one of the many templates available.  Choose from many great categories like automotive, corporate, retail, money, real estate, and more.  Learn more about the AWeber options by visiting Shawn Collins Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Watch this video to learn how you can create a new form from your existing AWeber account:

You will need to set up your AWeber account to use the form generator but I promise it will be worth it!

Creating a Follow Up Strategy

alan-underkofler-house-of-bluesLast week I had the opportunity to speak at the Cool Twitter Conferences at the House of Blues in Hollywood.  My topic for my discussion was Using twitter to Attract More Clients, Increase Your Referrals, and Maintain Top of Mind Awareness With Your Customers.  It’s a big topic about using twitter one of the hottest social media sites as a follow up tool.

I started the discussion with a question…  Are you giving business to your competitors?  The answer for many businesses is YES!  Have you heard this before?  “The fortune is in the follow up” or the really overused yet clearly correct “People do business with people they Know, LIKE, and TRUST!”  These are great statements and both are true yet many businesses do not have any follow up strategy and don’t really understand how to create the “know, like, and trust” feeling with their clients and prospects.

So what is a follow up strategy?  It’s about creating a system for follow up which will be used with every new client, prospect, or referral source.  The system could look something like this:

New Customer Follow Up System:

  • Day 1  – new customer welcome email
  • Day 1  – new customer welcome card
  • Day 1 – new customer welcome tweet on twitter
  • Week 2 – follow up phone call checking to insure client is happy with purchase
  • Week 4 – follow up card “It’s been 30 days since your purchase and we want to make sure you are happy”
  • Week 4 – follow up tweet on twitter similar to the week 4 card
  • Week 8 – follow up phone call just “checking in”
  • Week 12 – follow up card Discussion additional products or services you might offer

I can keep going but you have the idea right?  The best way to increase your referrals with your customers and clients is to have a follow up strategy in place.  Of course having it in place is only the first step!  You must be committed to your strategy, you want to make sure once you start following up you keep it going!  You might want to read a previous post, Creating Great Follow UP With Your Clients in 7 Simple Steps where I went into more detail about this process.

Do you have a follow up strategy?  Please take a moment and tell us what you are doing by leaving a comment.