The Thank You Card: Personal Nicety, Business Necessity? or Both?

Can closing YOUR next million dollar deal really be as easy as sending a thank you card?

I was really going back on fourth on today’s post. I kept thinking I just posted about following up with greeting cards last week. This step is so important that I had to write about it. You just spent your valuable time connecting with a new referral source or possible client. Of course you know you should send a thank you card. So why do so few sales people and business professionals send them?

I decided to discuss how some of us justify skipping this step. Here are the common reasons and myths that I hear from people who skip writing thank you cards and notes:

They say things like I have poor handwriting, no time, do not know what to say, no value, and the best is cards and notes do not make any difference.

To add a little flavor and honesty to this post as well as shattering the above… No one cares how bad your handwriting is! As long as I can read it, I appreciate it! Every time I receive a note or card it makes a positive statement. Time should not be an issue! Either keep cards on hand for every occasion or use an exceptional service like SendOutCards. Don’t know what to say? Start by saying thank you for their time, mention something you talked about during your meeting, and end with something like, you are looking forward to talking or helping them in the near future. The value of a personal note or greeting card and whether or not they make a difference is very well documented.

Personally I have closed millions in sales that can be traced back to a simple follow up card. The next time you are in a competitive sales environment and win the business ask your new client why they chose you or your company. Many times I have heard “well, you were the only one to send a thank you card and that showed me you valued our business!” Thank you cards work!

Happy card sending…