Two Simple Follow Up Strategies for Speakers and Presenters

Date June 30, 2009

Two very simple follow up ideas for Speakers and Presenters.  Yes even Speakers and Presenters need to follow up!  This week I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Encinitas Rotary group about using Social Media to follow up and engage customers.  I have to admit the setting for this discussion was perfect, the room was right on the water with a wall of glass facing the ocean.  The room felt like the ocean was coming right in with each incoming wave!

After the discussion I had spent some time outside listening, viewing, and enjoying the beautiful day.  When I was about to leave I decided to make this short video on follow up to share with you how I will follow up with the members of this group.  Here is the video:

Two simple steps:

  • Send an email to each person thanking them for the opportunity to speak at their meeting
  • Mail each person a thank you card

As a Speaker and Presenter why would I want to take these two follow up steps?  I can think of many great reasons but I will focus on the basics.  It’s about building upon the relationship I have started.  This group just listened to me talk for an hour.  To this group I would be considered an expert or go to person in social media, follow up, and referral strategies.  The opportunity from speaking is to continue the relationship!  If I do this effectively I will naturally receive clients, referrals, and additional speaking engagements.

Are you a speaker, presenter, or trainer?  Please let me know the methods you are using to follow up with your audience by leaving a comment.

One Response to “Two Simple Follow Up Strategies for Speakers and Presenters”

  1. Thomas Richmond said:

    Greetings Alan,

    nice blog, great content! good to meet a fellow San Diego marketer, many of us live here i can think of 3 right of the bat besides me that im affiliate with,

    as a marketer my follow-ups belong to my email auto-responders, 3 of them actually not to meantion regular email through private opt-in programs i’m affiliated with, as of now a quest for seminars, conferences and stream video marketing, seems to be the best way to get in touch with your sign-ups on a personal level not to meantion that its best i think to have a relationship first and foremost before doing anything, just so you’ll build a trust with them.

    More at a later time.

    Nice to meet your aquantance Alan.

    God_bless you.
    Enjoy your Surf! lol. 🙂

    Best Regards- Thomas worst surfer on the planet

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