Zappos Pays Employees to Quit!

Date January 15, 2009

There was a great article in the current Inc. Magazine titled The Ultimate Business Tune-Up For Times Like These.

The article listed 23 things you can do right now to energize your employees, wow your customers, and get your business back on track.  One of the ideas from a previous Inc. Start-Up Blog post was from a great company Zappos titled Pay employees to Quit!

During the first month of training, Zappos offers new employees $2,000 to quit, plus their time worked!  This may sound crazy but to Zappos it’s a matter of costs…  The cost of training an employee who is not happy or does not fit the company culture is far more than $2,000!  Zappos wants people who are passionate about customer service and who love their company culture.

I know for me I am always attracted to companies who seem to have a passion for what they are doing.  If I receive a follow up call from a new contact or someone who wants me to purchase their product I listen for the passion.  How many times have you purchased from someone just because you felt inspired to support them?  Have you ever been price shopping for a product and found a sales person or company who was so passionate that you decided to stop looking and just purchase?  Do you see how valuable passion could be for you?

So if passion is so important to a company like Zappos it might be something you should consider as well.  Whether you are an employee or the owner of a business or an entrepreneur passion is one of your best assets.   Why not take a look at how you are doing in regards to passion.  You might just find an opportunity to light the fire of passion within you!

2 Responses to “Zappos Pays Employees to Quit!”

  1. Jill said:

    Where has the passion gone? If you can’t be happy going to work you’d better find another job. Zappos has even given you the slippery slide to take you there! And you know? I think they’ve got it right? I’d rather have less employees who have a positive attitude, want to get the job done and take pride in there work anyday!

  2. david said:

    i think that its a better idea, that offering voluntary redundancies where only your best staff who can get a job somewhere else will be the ones who will take it.

    you are left with dead wood, sitting around waiting for the phone to ring and the company has to pay the old staff more to come back as contractors.

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